A TV series created by Danny and Benny Onime

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A TV series created by Danny and Benny Onime. Feel free to discover, share and add your knowledge!

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The Roberts is about a loving family.

Characters Edit

Main Characters
Jane Robert | Esther Robert | Richard Robert | Alex Robert | Pete Robert
Supporting Characters
Timmy Robert | Tosin Adeleye | | Toyin Adeleye | Tomisin Adeleye | Evan | Temi | Mike

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Featured Character of the Week:

Jane Robert

Episodes Edit

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Season 1
The Pilot | The Christmas Party | The Great Boy | The Lie | The New Year Resolutions | The Question | The Arrival Of Esther | The Revenge Of Mr. Bouquet | The Return Of The Revenge Of Mr. Bouquet
Season 2
The Superman from Ojokoro | The Grandmother | The Triplet Threatening Triad

Featured Episode Edit

Featured Episode of the Week:

The Pilot

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The Pilot episode of The Roberts TV Series.

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